1952 Mercury Ladies Cyclemaster

1952 Mercury Ladies Cyclemaster

I tripped over this rare Cyclemaster at Kempton Park autojumble recently. I’ll be off to France soon to deliver more boring British cyclemotors to my friend Pat in Paris. He’s restored various French cyclemotoring gems for me in exchange. However, he recently found and restored a rare French version of the Minimotor for me. Which meant our exchange was now balanced more in my favour and I needed something else to take him.

A spin around Kempton to see if there are any cyclemotors is simpler than buying on ebay and having to get them delivered. On the face of it, this wreck of a Cyclemaster was not particularly interesting. It’s usually to much trouble to restore something this far gone. However, on closer inspection, I suddenly realized it was a Mercury.

I have a Mercury Gents bicycle factory fitted with a Cyclemaster, but I’d never seen a Mercury Ladies before.

The registration number reveals it to have been registered in 1952.

The transfer on the headstock has mostly rubbed away, but the one on the seat tube has remained intact, presumably because it was protected by an accessory bottle holder.

The fact that the stall-holder had already sold it was a temporary setback. I had to buy it from the purchaser for £50 more than he’d paid.

Needless to say, I was no closer to finding something else for Patrick …as I kept this little beauty for myself.

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