1958 Dunkley Whippet S65 Scooter

1958 Dunkley Whippet S65 Scooter


There are not many of these around these days. This example was auctioned on ebay in February 2008.


For sale is a one-owner 1958 DUNKLEY S65 with 183 miles on the clock. This vehicle has been dry stored inside a garage for the past 40+ years. It is very rare and possibly even unique as i have only ever seen black and white photos of this model (with vespa style bodywork). Being a British four stroke is even more unusual. If you research on the internet you can find out a lot more about it and the “very” unusual engine. I think if i recollect it has gear driven cams (long time before ducati even thought of it). The scooter is very original with some very light surface rust and would make a very easy restoration. As far as I am aware everything is complete even with some tools. The tyres look pretty good and I am told it was running fine when stored. As I pushed it out for the photos the engine was turning over and I am fairly sure someone with some scooter knowledge could start it with little trouble. I have the original handbook with all sorts of advice and servicing instructions. Unfortunately the original log book has been missplaced over the years. Rather than add me on as another owner (its only had 1 owner) I will let the winning bidder apply and be the second owner.







W.H. Dunkley History

The National Archives reveal ‘Tenancy agreement for shop in Jamaica Row and Upper Dean Street: W H Dunkley, perambulator manufacturer …1887‘ so we assume that is the time that the company established their business. The following is extracted from Mark Daniels’ article:

Versatility was the key to survival in Victorian times and a catalogue of 1880 illustrates their imagination: “Prams, rocking horses, see-saws, pedal tricycles, hobby-horse tricycles, mail carts, steam circuses & roundabouts with organ complete”!  In 1886 they commenced production of a series of “gas cars”, which came equipped with a rubber tube for refilling off gas street lamps!  Various models of motor cycles appeared around 1913, and a 3½hp Dunkley fitted with a 499cc Precision engine was entered into the 1914 Senior TT by G N Norris.  It completed three laps before retiring.  Despite diversions into other varied products, prams remained a constant in the core business.  Appearing at the 1922 Motor Show, and powered by a 1hp Simplex engine, The Pramotor was a mind-boggling creation!


To read the full article on Dunkley and the Whippet, please click on the link below:


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